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About us

The firm was established as a partnership in 1987 by Jonathan Anthony Hardwicke Lowe and Clive Anthony Wills, under the name of Jonathan Lowe & Company.

Prior to that Jonathan worked for his father, Frederick Hardwicke Lowe, at FH Lowe & Company. Frederick Lowe, a Secretary of the Natal Law Society for approximately 30 years, formed the firm of FH Lowe & Co (circa 1946) when he returned from the Second World War.

When Jonathan retired in 2006 due to ill health, Ruth Lydia Pieterse (who joined the firm in 1994) became a partner.

With the closure of the firms of Bales Attorneys (Est.1878 under the name of Bale, Greene & Morcom) and Richard Power Inc. (Est.1989) long serving staff employed by these firms, joined Lowe & Wills. As both firms were specialists in agency conveyancing this brought a new dimension into our already thriving agency department.